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Security in Afghanistan

Afghan Watan Risk Management, the Watan Groups security division, is able to provide the whole range of security services, including international security management and advisory, security audits and assessments, vetted local guards, shared securitytraining services and armoured vehicles.


Many organisations see security as a significant burden and cost; however our philosophy is that security should be seen as an enabler that allows clients to continue their normal operations in a safe manner in an increasingly uncertain security environment.

Afghan Watan Risk Management always seeks to fully understand its client’s own ethos so as to provide the appropriate security for their individual needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 



As an Afghan company, we have a full understanding of both the political and security environment across the country. We also take the approach that all staff are important to an organisations success and ensure both national and international staff are provided with the appropriate security and advice.


Afghan Watan Risk Management sets itself apart from all our rivals. It is an Afghan company with a very influential, respected CEO. Afghan Watan Risk Management offers a unique combination of:

  • Blended Afghan and Western leadership
  • Unique insider understanding of Afghanistan
  • Ability to operate as part of the Afghan environment
  • Strong tribal relationships
  • Strong training programme
  • Effective recruitment and screening process
  • Battle hardened personnel
  • Proactive approach to securing sites and personnel

The Afghan Watan Risk Management core skills include:

  • Fully Licensed Security and Risk Management Company (RMC)
  • Afghan Owned and British Managed - Working towards Afghan Management
  • Building the Capacity of Afghanistan
  • Dedicated to high-levels of service

Watan Capacity Building Statement

Afghan Risk Management

Watan Group believes in building the capacity of Afghanistan. We bank in Afghanistan and use only two currencies - US Dollar and AFN. All deposits are made in country and managed by our own finance department.

Watan Group invests in local and international charity. We work closely with various communities on several out reach programmes. 

APPF and AWRM Guards

Due to the recent legislation, RMC companies must use the Governments own trained, maintained and registered guard force, the Afghan Public Protection Force. This came about after President Karzai announced in August 2010 the disbandment of private security companies (PSC) in Afghanistan under Presidential Decree 62. Afghan Watan Risk Management is able to work alongside this force and can provide static and mobile security under the command of AWRM’s risk consultants. AWRM are however able to provide static internal armed and un-armed guards for secure locations like villas, camps etc. All AWRM guards are vetted and their family backgrounds checked through Watan’s own HR Department. Watan Group’s guards are trained by our international operations staff in all aspects of man-guarding including search techniques, both personal and vehicle. In addition the Watan Group trains their guards in ‘customer care’ skills. A client’s guards are often the fist point of contact for staff and visitors and it is essential that this ‘public face’ is represented in a professional and personable manner. The Watan Group provides constant monitoring of all its guard sites to ensure clients receive the same high level and quality of service throughout the day and night giving them full peace of mind.

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